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The Neighboorhood Events Network database contains events throughout the United States of America. Any member living in the United States may list an event on this website. Listing an event is free.

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P.S. Think of all the events happening in your neighborhood.

Here are just a few of the event categories you may use.

  • Antiques Shows
  • Craft Shows
  • Career Fairs
  • Church Events
  • Community Events
  • Concerts in the Park - All music events are a big deal.
  • Convention & Expo's
  • Farmers Markets
  • Festivals & Street Fairs
  • Fish Fries - These are big at churches & VFW halls during lent.
  • Garage Sales
  • Garden Club Events
  • Little League Sports
  • Local City or Town Events
  • School Events - Important for parents & grandparents.
  • Sporting Events - If it's a sporting event, it's important.
  • Senior Events
  • Wine, Beer & Bourbon Tasting
  • Woodworking Events - Hint: Home Depot has these each week.

This is just a small sample. We have over 200 categories on our website so you shouldn't have any trouble finding events to make a lot of Bidding Reward PointsTM.

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